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What we do


The following are our core writing and editing services.:

>  RFPs

>  communication plans & strategies

>  fundraising proposals

>  annual reports

​>   cases for support

​>   web site content

​>   brochures

​>   blogs

​>   memoirs

>   bios

​>   e-newsletters

>   articles

>   case studies

>   ad copy

>   business plans

>   books

>   ghost writing

WriteSmart Founder Adam Michael Segal has interviewed more than 100 CEOs and more than 2,000 people in his career. His welcoming style and trustworthiness allows you and your staff/clients to answer his in-depth questions with comfort, reflection and wisdom. In turn, Adam gathers the key knowledge he needs to craft compelling communications that clearly highlight your uniqueness.


From Facebook ads, to e-marketing, to a calendar of tweets and impactful Instagram campaigns, we offer the full scope of social media content you need to build your online brand, reputation and impact. 

The path to brilliant marketing is paved with a customized, strategic 'mar-com' plan and a series of tactics that will deliver all of your marketing goals. WriteSmart has worked on marketing campaigns with more than 50 organizations. Additionally, detailed research of prospective donors and skillfully developed fundraising communications, have been instrumental in helping to raise funds several large capital campaigns seeking more than $1 billion collectively.


You and your business have a personality, with traits, beliefs and values that your ideal clients connect with. WriteSmart will help you articulate your brand clearly and powerfully through the communications we craft. We also work with several graphic designers who will create your brand's look and feel.

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