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HR Professionals Association 

"Adam is a tremendous writer with exceptional knowledge of marketing and branding. He has a unique ability to capture the voice of the people he interviews and working with him is a pleasure for me. I would encourage any non-profit, business or entrepreneur to hire him."

 Jodi Kovitz, CEO & Registrar

HR Professionals Association


University of Waterloo

“Adam's  communications played an integral role in advancing our $120 million fundraising campaign. The speed with which he writes and the high calibre of his work are excellent. I strongly recommend working with him."

   Ibrahahim Inayatali, Former Director

   Universtity of Waterloo Engineering

The Personal Coach


"Adam has a strong business and marketing sense and has done excellent work for our clients. He is succinct, his copy is easy to read and it catches the attention of the reader. I enjoy referring our clients to Adam - I know they'll be treated well and pleased with the outcome.”

Juli Leith, President
   The Personal Coach

Tristar Products 

"WriteSmart has gone above and beyond in marketing our products. Adam Michael Segal’s writing has a flair and passion and it’s great working with him.” 

  Keith Mirchandani, President & CEO

  Trend Makers LLC.

Pursue Associates 

"We use Adam for his writing versatility and his ability to capture the brand of each of our clients. He is intentional, creative and to the point. He almost understands what you want before you ask. I feel very comfortable having him work with my clients because I know he will represent our company well."

   Fortunato Restagno, President

   Pursue Associates


"Hiring WriteSmart was one of the best investments I ever made. If you're looking for a solid writer who can make your stories come to life, then Adam’s the right man."

   Pam Feldman, Former Director

   Baycrest Foundation

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